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M Dialysis AB develops and markets clinical microdialysis solutions for advanced clinical research and general intensive care usage. Our microdialysis solutions are used across the globe by caregivers and researchers for improved health care.

M Dialysis AB is a Swedish medical device and research company that is an offshoot from CMA Microdialysis AB that was founded in 1984.

M Dialysis’s unique and market leading solutions are developed, produced and sold to clinicians and researchers to enable optimized patient care and accelerated drug development. The complete line of microdialysis instruments, consumables and computer software are used globally by universities, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies as unique tools for in vivo sampling and monitoring of organs and tissues.

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Newsletter June, 2019

Find below product updates, latest publications about Microdialysis and upcoming activities. Please note that the M Dialysis office in Sweden…
14 June, 2019


General From May 25 2018, a new regulation for the processing of personal data, within the European Union, is known…
25 May, 2018

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