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M Dialysis develops, produces and offers a complete range of Microdialysis products for clinical routine use and clinical research. Our product portfolio for intensive care and clinical research includes catheters, pumps and analyzers which offers opportunities to monitor local metabolic changes in tissues and organs . The results are used to indentify secondary complications and guide therapy in critically ill patients. Our range of CE marked catheters can be placed in various tissues  (brain, muscle, liver, intraperitoneal space and subcutaneous tissue). If you have questions regarding our product portfolio for intensive care and clinical research, please contact Katarina Åsberg

Catheters for Clinical use

Catheter Accessories

Pumps for Clinical use




Information for USA customers

Please contact your local M Dialysis representative before ordering.

This  website contains an international product listing and not all items are FDA cleared for human use.

FDA cleared devices include the:

Catheters  70 and 70 Bolt
Catheter accessories Microvials, Microvial rack, Perfusion fluid CNS and 106 syringe
Pump  106 pump
Analyzers  ISCUS and ISCUSflex  MD Analyzer and Reagents, 600 MD Analyzer and Reagents, Control Samples, Calibrator and Rinsing Fluid

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