The 71 High Cut-Off Microdialysis Bolt Catheter is designed for implantation in brain tissue through the PTO 2L bolt kit from Raumedic  or the IM3 Bolt Kit for 3 brain probes from Integra. The catheter has a 130 mm long shaft and a membrane length of 10 mm. The shaft has a reinforced stainless steel section measuring 16.5 mm in length. This reinforcement is located where the compression screw of the bolt is to be tightened.

The  tip of the Catheter contains a gold tread, which makes it visible on a CT-scan in order to locate the exact position of the catheter in the brain.

The most important characteristic of this microdialysis catheter is the dialysing membrane that has pores big enough to allow diffusion of large molecules such as cytokines.

The 71 High Cut-Off Bolt Microdialysis Catheter is connected to a Microdialysis Pump. To avoid ultrafiltration of the dialysis membrane, the catheter should be perfused with Perfusion fluid CNS Dextran. The outlet tube extends to a holder for a microvial that collects the dialysis sample. The microdialysis samples can be analyzed in the ISCUSflex Microdialysis Analyzer for Glucose, Lactate, Pyruvate, Glycerol, Glutamate and Urea or sent to a clinical laboratory for analysis of large molecules such as cytokines.

Microdialysis shall not be used as the sole basis for diagnosis or therapy.

  • For bolt implantation

  • “Gold Tip” visible on CT

  • 100 000 Daltons Cut-Off dialysis membrane

  • Reinforced shaft


Technical information for 71 high Cut Off MD Bolt Catheter

Material Length (mm) Diameter (mm)
Shaft Polyurethane 130 0.9
Membrane Polyarylethersulfone   10 0.6
Inlet Tubing ID/OD Polyurethane 600 1.0
Outlet Tubing ID/OD Polyurethane 220 1.0

Membrane Cut-off: Approx. 100 000 Daltons

Ordering information for 71 high Cut Off MD Bolt Catheter

NOTE: This product may not be approved by your national regulatory authorities. Please contact your local representative for further information.
Ref. No.
71 High Cut Off Microdialysis Bolt Catheter 4/pkg
P000154 Microvials in Rack Sterile
P000003 106 Microdialysis Pump
P000127 107 Microdialysis Pump
8010191 106 Syringe
8050151 Perfusion Fluid CNS Dextran
P000028 Microvial Rack