The sterile single use 70 Microdialysis Catheter is a highly flexible catheter designed for implantation in brain tissue. A selection of 70 Microdialysis Catheters is available with different membrane and shaft lengths suitable for stereotaxical as well as manual implantation.

The 70 Microdialysis Catheter is tunnelated under the scalp with a tunnelating needle. It is then inserted with the help of microdialysis forceps into the brain tissue through a hole drilled in the skull bone.

The tip of the Catheter contains a gold thread, which makes it visible on a CT-scan in order to locate the exact position of the catheter in the brain.

The catheter inlet tubing is connected to a Microdialysis Pump and the outlet ends in a microvial which collects the sample. The samples can be analyzed in the ISCUSflex Microdialysis Analyzer for Glucose, Lactate, Pyruvate, Glycerol, Glutamate and Urea or sent to the laboratory for further analysis.

Microdialysis shall not be used as the sole basis for diagnosis or therapy.

  • For early detection of brain ischemia and vasospasm

  • Minimally invasive

  • Can be implanted for several days


Technical information for 70 Brain Catheter

Material Length (mm) Diameter (mm)
Shaft Polyurethane 0.9
Membrane Polyarylethersulphone (PAES)   0.6
Inlet Tubing ID/OD Polyurethane 600 0.15/1.0
Outlet Tubing ID/OD Polyurethane 220 0.15/1.0
Membrane Cut-off: Approx. 20,000 Daltons

Order information for for 70 Brain Catheter

Ref. No.
P000049 membrane length 10 mm -shaft 60 mm 4/pkg
P000080 membrane length 20 mm -shaft 60 mm 4/pkg **
P000081 membrane length 30 mm -shaft 60 mm 4/pkg **
P000050 membrane length 10 mm -shaft 100 mm 4/pkg
P000051 membrane length 20 mm -shaft 90 mm 4/pkg **
P000052 membrane length 30 mm -shaft 80 mm 4/pkg ****Non stock items and produced by order (8-10 weeks delivery time).P000050-P000052 are suitable for stereotaxic useAccessories:
P000154 Microvials in Rack Sterile
P000003 106 Microdialysis Pump
P000127 107 Microdialysis Pump
8010191 106 Syringe
P000151 Perfusion Fluid CNSConsumables:
P000028 Microvial Rack