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From May 25 2018, a new regulation for the processing of personal data, within the European Union, is known as the Data Protection Regulation or the GDPR. The regulation will apply in all EU member states and supersedes national rules. The purpose is to increase your ability to decide on how companies and organizations handle your personal data and the data created when you use their services or products, for example. Personal data is information about names, social security numbers, E-mail addresses, pictures or anything that can be attributedto a particular natural person.

Legitimate interest

M Dialysis finds that the company has a legal basis to inform and communicate product information and news to our end user customers and distributors via E-mail, as a product owner in his/hers professional role.

Marketing Communications

For our marketing communications, we have an E-mail list to be able to reach you in your professional role or as owner of M Dialysis products, with important information about our products and services, such as:

  • Product News
  • Technical information
  • Price information
  • Software updates

Your personal data

You can always use the option to un-subscribe from an upcoming E-mail, through the E-mail address located at the bottom of our email or direct to E-mail Under no circumstances will M Dialysis transfer information about personal data to third parties.

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