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Easter Newsletter April, 2021

By 22 June, 2021No Comments

Easter News from M Dialysis

We want to thank all our customers for your continued support and patience during these challenging times.

Wishing you all a safe and peaceful Easter!

The M Dialysis Team

Product News

The new MD System, LOKE is a reinvention of Microdialysis that allows monitoring of Glucose, Lactate and Pyruvate in real time, continuously.
This unique system is especially developed for routine Microdialysis monitoring of Critical Care patients in the Intensive care unit
Find more information at

The 61 Microdialysis  catheter is now available with High Cut Off Membrane and the intended use is extended so it can be used both in Hepatic tissue or in Intraperitoneal space. Find more information at

Recent Publications on Microdialysis


Early detection of complications in pancreas transplants by microdialysis catheters, an observational feasibility study.

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Detrimental effects of intrahospital transport on cerebral metabolism in patients suffering severe aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage.

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Brain interstitial glycerol correlates with evolving brain injury in paediatric traumatic brain injury.

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Tourniquet-induced ischemia and reperfusion in subcutaneous tissue, skeletal muscle, and calcaneal cancellous bone.

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Intrahepatic Microdialysis for Monitoring of Metabolic Markers to Detect Rejection Early After Liver Transplantation.

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Population pharmacokinetics of piperacillin in plasma and subcutaneous tissue in patients on continuous renal replacement therapy.

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