Microdialysis – Reinvented

MD System provides Microdialysis data in real-time, continuously, The device uses biosensors with coated electrodes which generate an electrical signal enabling measurement of the different analytes in the microdialysate.
Microdialysis values of Glucose and Lactate (Pyruvate is presently under development) are displayed both numerically and graphically as trend curves for fast and easy interpretation.

For routine Microdialysis monitoring in Critical care patients

The unique continuous MD System is especially developed for routine microdialysis monitoring in Critical Care patients at the Intensive care unit . Together with M Dialysis’s wide range of Microdialysis Catheters the system offers opportunities of guidance to optimize patient treatment by detecting pathological changes in tissues or blood before clinical signs become evident.

Easy to operate

The system provides effortless maintenance and ease of use, it is completely automated and can run up to five days. Its unique design allows you to place the device close to the patient with a pole or ICU rail attachment.

MD System with continuous real-time Microdialysis monitoring is the fourth generation of Clinical Microdialysis Analyzer designed to support maximum patient benefit and decrease health care costs.

Note! The MD System should only be used with Microdialysis catheters with 20 k Dalton membrane pore size.

Microdialysis shall not be used as the sole basis for diagnosis or therapy.

  • Automated Plug & Play System

  • Easy to use and robust for up to 5 days of monitoring

  • Continuous real-time Microdialysis

  • Automatic calibration and quality control


Technical information for MD System

Weight: 11 lbs/5 kg
Dimensions: 220 (W) x 220 (D) x 332(H) mm
Voltage: 100-240 V~, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: Max. 40 VA
Compliance: Power adapter complies with 60601-1
Insulation: MD Unit power adaptor is double isolated
Measurement principle Electrochemical biosensor
Calibration Automatic (every 6 hrs)

Ordering information for MD System

Ordering information Ref.No.
MD System Complete Incl. 8070014 MD Unit, 8070088 MD Unit Holder, 8070151 MD Cartridge, 8070198 MD Amplifier,8070223 MD Monitor, 8072038 MD Monitor Holder, Test Sensor,Technical & Users Manual 8070228
Options for attachment of MD Monitor (standard is 8072038 MD Monitor Holder); 
8072019 MD Monitor arm Stand runner, 8072020 MD Monitor arm Pole,
8072029 MD Monitor Deskstand
Accessories Ref.No.
MD Sensor & Calibrators kit  Incl. 8070203 MD Sensor LPG, 8072009 MD Calibrator 8050204
MD System Syringe kit , Brain Tissue Incl. 106 Syringe + Orange Syringe, Perfusion Fluid CNS + Catheter Extension 8050206
MD System Syringe kit , Perip Tissue Incl. 106 Syringe + Orange Syringe, Perfusion Fluid T1 +  Catheter extension 8050207
Syringe Orange, 20/pkg 8070081
MD Calibrators, 2×7.5mL 8072009
Catheter Extension, sterile, 2/pkg 8072008