Release 2022-03-14 (Version

Analyses approve more measurements (by adjusted parameters) than before:

  • Eliminates Glucose blank and calibration problems
  • Eliminates low concentration analyses issues
  • An entry in the service log reveals values that are approved by the adjusted parameters
Instructions (updated 2022-03-28) Please finalize the update by following paragraph 3. Specific instructions for version and later 

Control Samples LOT number gets stuck (2022-02-09)

In order to successfully cope with Control Samples nominal control levels a new Service Tool has been released. Especially for lot T27524, if Nominal Control Levels have been updated using a nominalcontrollevels.ini file, the lot number gets stuck and can’t be updated. To release the lot T27524 so i may be updated:
Download the file below, extract the zip-file to an empty USB stick and use it as a Service Tool and start UpdateDB according to the instructions below.


Lactate Calibration ResponseMax Fix (2021-11-11)

In order to cope with sensitive Lactate reagent batches a new Service Tool has been released. Download the file below, extract the zip-file to an empty USB stick and use it as a Service Tool to update the ResponseMax limit for Lactate calibrations.



Release notes for version (released 2021-10-19)

  • More forgiving handling of Lactate, Pyruvate and Glycerol analyses
  • Increased linearity for Glycerol and Glutamate
  • Increased stability for Lactate
  • Pyruvate Level of Detection (LOD) increased to 10 µmol/L

Release notes for version (released 2019-11-21)

  • Low sensitivity Pyruvate reagent handling improved

Release notes for version (released 2019-09-20)

  • Dead lock situation when changing reagent cassette remedied
  • Rinsing Fluid LOT number and expiry date now recorded correctly in CLIA module

Release notes for version (released 2019-08-27)

  • Urea calibration improvements
  • Issue when scanning Nominal Control Levels removed
  • Possibility for automatic save of service log

Release notes for version (released 2019-04-11)

  • Exception when loading Nominal Control Levels removed

Release notes for version (released 2018-09-20)

  • Possibility to LOAD Nominal Control Levels from the CLIA Control Levels dialog
  • A reminder about Nominal Control values not being consistent with entered auto control lot
  • Slovenian language added

Release notes for version (released 2018-05-16)

  • Possibility to add a comment in the service log using a service code.
  • Possibility to set the low calibration linearity limit for Pyruvate to 300.

Release notes for version (released 2017-10-12)

  • Improved handling of failing battery
  • Improved handling of high Pyruvate concentrations
  • Possibility for patient data archiving on other media
  • Improved handling of failing analyses

Release notes for version (released 2016-09-13)

  • Possibility to send QC data to an external server (updated with Reagent and Calibrator LOTs)
    N.B. Requires update of IscusCollect to version and ICUpilot to version
  • Cleaning cassette can be run in normal user mode
  • Possible to change patient ID
  • Possible to set patient data to final for easier handling
  • Return pump performance improved
  • Possible to wash the system from normal user mode
  • Service log and control samples print out now time and serial no stamped
  • Database dialog external media list box updates improved
  • Possibility to extend the service (PM) interval to 15 months

Updated 2022-08-23. Software for handling QC data from ISCUSflex (Download ISCUSflex QC Charts)
Installation Instructions (NOTE: Uninstall any previous version of the software)

  • View your QC data as Levey-Jennings charts
  • Get automated QC rules (according to Westgard) evaluation
  • View your QC data in ISCUSflex QC charts
  • Save you QC charts as image files
  • Tailor your QC data view as desired