The 106 Microdialysis Pump is specially developed to function together with Microdialysis Catheters. It is a portable, battery-driven, micro-processor controlled syringe pump which is very easy to use.

The 106 syringe is filled with 2.5 mL of a sterile perfusion fluid and connected to the Microdialysis Catheter which is placed into the pump.

Fixed flow rate

The pump starts when the lid is closed. To reduce the time for filling the system, the pump will start perfusing at a high flow rate of 15 µL/min during the first 5 minutes. Thereafter the flow rate automatically decreases to 0.3 µL/min.

The pump is self-controlled during the whole process. Green and red LEDs indicate the status; green for normal function and red indicating malfunction. The LEDs are located under the transparent lid in the “nose” of the pump, enabling the user to easily overview the function.

Small and lightweight

The pump is small, with rounded corners and is lightweight. It can be fixed to a belt or carried in a pocket of an ambulant patient. During surgery the pump can be kept sterile by simply dropping it in a sterile glove or plastic bag.

Microdialysis shall not be used as the sole basis for diagnosis or therapy.

  • Portable, small and light weight

  • Easy to handle

  • Self controlled with function signals

  • Dedicated for clinical routine microdialysis


Order information for 106 Microdialysis Pump

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Ref. No.
 106 Microdialysis Pump
 106 Syringe 20/pkg
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P000034 Perfusion Fluid T1, 5 mL, 10/pkg
P000151 Perfusion Fluid CNS, 5 mL, 10/pkg
8003790 MD Pump Kit, Peripheral
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