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Interview with Mr Peter Hutchinson

Professor Mr Peter Hutchinson

Consultant Neurosurgeon
Department of Neurosurgery
Addenbrooks hospital
Cambridge, UK

How many beds and how many patients per year do you have in your ICU?
– 21 beds. TBI admissions 140 and SAH admissions 100

In average how many patients per year do you use Microdialysis on and what are the indications?
– TBI 75 per year SAH 50 per year.

What year did you start to use microdialysis?
– We have been using microdialysis since 1997.

How many patients do you estimate that you have run microdialysis on since the start?
– Many! We are currently compiling a database.

How are you using the Microdialysis results and what are you comparing them with?
– We use microdialysis as part of multimodality monitoring (ICP, brain tissue oxygen etc.) and in conjunction with functional imaging (PET).

Are you adjusting your treatment based on the Microdialysis results?
– Yes, we use the lactate/pyrvuate ratio (target <25) and are currently looking at which therapies are effective at reducing raised lactate/pyruvate ratios.

How do you see the future development of Microdialysis in Neuro Intensive Care?
– Increased use – Clinical – as a monitor to assist in the management of patients with raised ICP, contusions (targeted catheters) and to assist in titration of inotrope therapy and weaning. Research – correlation with imaging and measurement of other substances eg cytokines to increase our understanding of the pathophysiology of brain injury.

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