IFUs – Instructions For Use, IVDD products

To obtain a printed copy of the latest version of IFU/manual with your language included please e-mail a request to info@mdialysis.com. For the availability of the manual in your language please check the digital manual below. Depending on your location a printed copy of the manual may take up to seven working days before arriving.

Control Samples

  8010306 Control Samples US (8010202)

  8010201 Control Samples 5×2/pkg (8010202)

Reagent Kits and Sets

  P000011 Reagent Kit (8050235 Multilingual)
  8010361 L-P-G Reagent Kit (8050236 Multilingual)
  8002163 Reagent Set A (8050232 Multilingual)
  8002164 Reagent Set B (8050233 Multilingual)
  8002165 Reagent Set C (8050234 Multilingual)

Reagents and Calibrator A

  P000023 Reagent Glucose 5×6 mL (8050237 Multilingual)
  P000024 Reagent Lactate 5×6 mL (8050238 Multilingual)
  P000025 Reagent Glycerol 5×6 mL (8050239 Multilingual)
  P000026 Reagent Urea 5×6 mL (8050240 Multilingual)
  P000063 Reagent Pyruvate 5×6 mL (8050242 Multilingual)
  P000064 Reagent Glutamate 5×4.0 mL (8050243 Multilingual)
  P000057 Calibrator A 10×6 mL (8050241 Multilingual)