New promising method

Intra-hepatic Microdialysis is a new promising method for monitoring of postoperative complications such as liver ischemia, graft rejection, or cholangitis after liver transplantation.

Hepatic failure as a result of a malfunctioning graft is a life-threatening complication during the post-transplantation period. Early detection of impaired graft function due to arterial or portal vein thrombosis is especially important as this may enable surgical intervention.

 monitoring tissue chemistry

Quote from the literature
“Microdialysis provides the opportunity for simple, continuous monitoring of metabolic changes in the transplanted liver before they are detected in peripheral blood chemistry.”(Nowak G et al. Br J Surg. 2002; 89(9):1169-75)

“Bedside measurement of intrahepatic lactate and pyruvate detected ischemia and rejection earlier than current standard methods”

(Haugaa et al Liver Transpl, 2012 Mar doi:1210.1002/lt.23425)

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