Monitoring of small substances without removing any blood

 monitoring tissue chemistry

Microdialysis allows frequent sampling of substances involved in Glucose and lipid metabolism without removing any blood. This makes it possible to perform  research on continuous monitoring of Glucose, Lactate, Pyruvate, and Glycerol in newborn babies (Baumeister et al. Pediatrics 2001;108;1187-1192) , diabetic patients (Rajamand N et al. Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, 2005, 7, 525–535) and in critically ill septic patients (Levy B et al. Lancet 2005; 365: 871–75).

Microdialysis in resting skeletal muscle

The use of microdialysis in resting skeletal muscle has become an important technique for mechanistic studies in human metabolism and nutrition. (Henriksson J et al Proc Nutr Soc. 1999 Nov;58).

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