Microdialysis for early detection of complications

Gastrointestinal surgery is associated with a high risk of post-operative complications such as anastomosis leakages and sepsis. Intraperitoneal Microdialysis is a new technique for early detection of complications following surgery.

Symptomatic anastomotic leakage is the most serious complication after anterior resection of the rectum. The intraperitoneal ratio of lactate and pyruvate is a marker of anaerobic metabolism.

 Monitoring tissue chemistry

 Microdialysis Monitoring after Gastro intestinal Surgery

Quote from the literature

“Intestinal ischemia may be detected by placing a Microdialysis catheter in the intraperitoneal cavity. Clinical signs of peritonitis, bowel ischemia, and anastomosis leakage are preceded by chemical changes, for example an increasing LP-ratio, which serves as an early marker of splanchnic ischemia.”

(Jansson K et al. Scand J Gastroenterol. 2003;38:1007–1011).

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