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M Dialysis AB Acquires Dipylon Medical’s Clinical Microdialysis Business

By 30 November, 2011January 31st, 2020No Comments

SOLNA, Sweden, November 30, 2011 – M Dialysis AB today announced that it has acquired the assets of the clinical business unit of Dipylon Medical AB.

Dipylon Medical AB is a privately held Swedish manufacturer of microdialysis products. Founded in 1984, the company pioneered the microdialysis technique for in vivo sampling and monitoring of organs and tissues. In July 2011, Dipylon announced the sale of its pre-clinical microdialysis business unit as well as the name CMA Microdialysis to Harvard Bioscience, Inc. In August 2011, Dipylon announced the sale of DiLab (an automated blood sampling business) to VeruTech AB.

The acquisition of Dipylon Medical’s clinical business is a fantastic way to continue to provide top-line clinical tissue products for both research and routine use.

Olof Nord, CEO of M Dialysis

Stefan Krisch, Chief Operating Officer of Dipylon Medical AB added, “We are pleased to announce this transaction as M Dialysis will be able to optimize and grow the clinical business even further. This also allows Dipylon Medical to focus on development and marketing of the Eirus system for continuous glucose and lactate monitoring in intensive care.”

M Dialysis AB was advised by Advokatfirman Törngren Magnell KBand Dipylon Medical AB was advised by Catalysis Capital Partners Limited and Advokatfirman Vinge KB


About M Dialysis

M Dialysis is a Swedish medical device and life science company founded in 2011. Unique and market leading tissue microdialysis solutions are developed, produced and sold to clinicians and researchers to enable optimized patient care and accelerated drug development. M Dialysis’s complete line of clinical products, including instruments, consumables and computer software are used globally by universities and hospitals unique tools for in vivo sampling and monitoring of organs and tissues.

The head office is located outside Stockholm, Sweden, with subsidiary in Boston, US. M Dialysis has distributors across the globe, responsible for local sales, service and support.

Olof Nord, CEO

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