Third generation Microdialysis Analyzer for point-of-care and advanced research

ISCUSflex is the third generation Microdialysis Analyzer for point-of-care cerebral monitoring. It uses enzymatic reagents and colorimetric measurements.

The analyzer is easy to operate by medical professionals with a new and improved graphical user interface. Up to five different reagents provide unique opportunities for early detection of metabolic crisis and ischemia and to guide therapeutic interventions. The analysis results are displayed as trend curves for easy and fast interpretation. For comparison of other intensive care data the unique ICUpilot software is included.

ISCUSflex combines reliability and flexibility. It offers the opportunity to monitor several patients at a time and is ideal for use in a clinical setting. With a capacity of 16 vials, the ISCUSflex offers batch analysis. The throughput of the analyzer is up to 30 measurements per hour.

The US version is enhanced with CLIA software that will require the user authorization/password entry to run samples, including controls and changing reagents. The CLIA software also permits Pathology personnel to produce and file an authorization log as needed.

For more info, please contact M Dialysis.

  • Multi-patient analyzer
  • Batch analysis capacity of 16 samples
  • Five available reagents: glucose, lactate, pyruvate,  glycerol and glutamate

Technical information for ISCUSflex US Version

Weight 29 lbs/13 kg
Voltage 100-240 V~, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 100 VA
Dimensions 430 (H) x 350 (W) x 270 (D) mm
Type of protection Class 1, Type B
Measurement principle Kinetic enzymatic analyzer
Vials Microvials, Chromacol (glass) and ETH ( plastic) vials
Samples Microdialysates
Sample volume used 0.2 – 2 µL/analysis (depending on analyte)
Min. sample volume Sum of sample volumes per analyte + 2 µL
Reagent consumption <15 µL/analysis (depending on analyte)
Pipetting imprecision < 2 % (0.5 µL) rel. standard deviation
Calibration Automatic (every 6 hrs)
Warm-up time 10 minutes
Measuring time 30 seconds
Throughput time/test 90 seconds
Detector type Single beam filter photometer
Light source Class 1 LED
Wavelengths 375 and 530 nm
Detector cell temperature 99 ºF/37 ºC
Detector cell Capillary flow cell 10 mm, 2 µL
Assay imprecision <4 % rel. standard deviation for Control Sample Normal
Assay inaccuracy <10 % for Control Sample Normal

Order information for ISCUSflexUS Version

8003295 ISCUSflex Microdialysis Analyzer

P000023 Glucose Reagent, 5/pkg
P000024 Lactate Reagent, 5/pkg
P000063 Pyruvate Reagent, 5/pkg
P000025 Glycerol Reagent, 5/pkg
P000064 Glutamate Reagent, 5/pkg
P000057 Calibrator A, 10/pkg
8010306 Control Samples for MD Analyzer
8002171 Rinsing Fluid 0.5 L 8/pkg
8002161 Waste bottles 0.5 L 8/pkg
8002162 Thermal print paper roll 100 feet (30.5 m) 4/pkg
8001721 Sample Cannula
8002360 Secure Digital Memory card
8003409 Microvial Casette Holder
8002792 ISCUS Maintenance kit
8002921 Aluminum Case
P000157 LABpilot TM Software
8001027 ICUpilot TM Software (additional licenses)