Conferences 2022

June 8-10

The Scandinavian Society of Anesthesiology (SSAI) 2022, Oslo , Norway

M Dialysis AB

September 7-9

9th International Symposium on Microdialysis in Berlin, Germany

M Dialysis AB

September 12-14

3rd EANS Trauma & Critical Care Update Meeting, Leuven, Belgium

M Dialysis AB

September 22-23

Annual National Neurosurgery Days, Turku, Finland

Nords Medical & M Dialysis AB

September 29-30

Niva Klubben Umeå

Nords Medical & M Dialysis AB

October 17-21

NCS (Neuro Critical Care) 20th annual Meeting, St Antonio, USA

M Dialysis Inc.

November 3-4, Linköping, Sweden

10th NeuroEngineering Symposium

M Dialysis AB

November 14-18

ICP (International Symposium on Intracranial Pressure and Brain Monitoring) 2022, Cape Town, South Africa

M Dialysis AB